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I will need a good quality photograph that is sharp and in focus, it’s is very important that the colour of your pet's eyes and the direction of the fur can be seen.

It’s best to take the photo in natural day light, preferably outdoors, it's important never to use a flash as this can cause ‘Pet photo flash eye’ or the "green-eye effect".

It is advisable to get down to eye level with your pet and try to fill the frame. I only need the head and shoulders to work from. A good tip is to enlist the help from someone else to get their attention with a favourite toy or treat. 

It is most important to capture the individual character of your subject. Look for any distinguishing features and try to get that typical expression that makes your pet unique. "Full face" photos work best if the face is not symmetrical - e.g. some dogs typically have one ear pricked up or tend to tilt their heads when listening, or perhaps they have unusual markings such as a blue eye and a brown eye.

Try to capture as many good photos as you can and choose one that you love and shows the look you love about your pet. You may want to send me a few to choose from but remember that the better the photo, the better drawing.

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